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Sunday, January 30, 2011

You're On My Mind

WOW...has it been that long since I last posted? Time does fly...are we really that busy in our lives?? It appears so. But the good thing is I am here now.

I made this cute little card for a gal I went to school with and we both work for the same County. She recently had surgery and is going to be out for over a month. Best wishes Linda.

I really enjoyed making this card. It was easy and it came out so well. I saw one designed like this at darlenedesign and loved the simplicity yet elegance of it. So I set out to make one with my own twists to it. I hope you enjoy viewing it.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


WOW...I am finally back on. We live just far enough off the main beat that we have to use DSL to access the internet. I feel like I am living in the early days of internet. It takes FOREVER to get logged on and if you are lucky enough to get logged on in the early evening hours, you have to hurry because most likely you will get kicked off. So...I am going to rush through posting this and hope I can get it on before I get kicked off. This is the reason I do not get to add to my blog as much as I would like....anyway back to the reason I am here.

I love making Christmas cards. This was an absolutely 'delightful' card to design and make. The stamp is a snowglobe from Stampin' Up (duh). It looks like it may be complicated to make but quite the opposite. I hope you enjoy it. In the near future I hope to include some tutorials on cards or projects I make. I will have to see how the DSL thing goes because I may have to do each step one by one into a draft and post as I am able to stay connected. OR...I could do it when I get up at 4:30 a.m.. But it would be worth it. I would also like to think about offering classes or get togethers to teach techniques. But that is for another day.

Thanx for stopping by...I must hurry and end so I can get this posted before it kicks me off.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Greetings

Isn't this a beautiful card...if I must say so. I used Stampin' Up products (duh) to create with and it turned out so nicely. This just may be my 'sender out' Christmas card for the year. It was a quick and relatively easy card to create; plus you can add embellishments in several different ways. But you would not want to overdo in the embellishments because it is so beautiful all by itself. I added a little color and WAA it!!! Thanx for stopping by.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our little 'Jack'-O-Lantern

Isn't this the cutest picture. This is Jack who we used to live next door to. Jack is our little 'adopted' grandson. We have known him since he was a gleam in his parents' eyes. Jack is posing in his Halloween costume for this year. We all had bet he would not keep his hat (stem) on for treating but Mom said he actually did...good job Jack!! Jack is 'all boy' and you can just see that little bit of mischief in his eyes. My husband and I just love to spoil him like one of our own. I just had to share this picture.

I am Thanksgiving

I am sorry for the delay between postings but we are finally getting up and going. Somehow I ran out of time for making Thanksgiving cards but I promise to post one later on. Besides every day is for giving As I always many card little time.

I did find this beautiful poem that I hope will suffice for this wonderful day of thanks. It was written by The Richards Group in Dallas, TX.

I am Thanksgiving..
A respite from worries.
A recognition of well being.
A reflection on what's truly important.

I am Thanksgiving..
I am a proud history remembered.
The courage of our founders.
The foresight of our fathers.
The spirit of our families.
I am a reminder that we owe our present to our past.
And I am a committment to repay that debt with gratitude.

I am Thanksgiving..
I am more than a holiday.
I am a gathering of memories.
A reunion of reasons to celebrate.
I am stories passed around the table.
Extra helpings of contentment.
A feast for the soul.

I am Thanksgiving..
I am perspective.
A moment to take stock.
To look back with genuine appreciation.
And look forward with bountiful optimism.
I am trouble forgotten.
Blessings counted.
Life cherished.
I am freedom celebrated.
I am love shared.
I am thanks given.

I am Thanksgiving.

Winter Fun

OMGosh it is the best time of the year already....the Christmas season. Even while my computer was down, I was making cards. I had so much fun making this card. It is one that is time consuming because it takes about five different steps to complete it. I started out with a brayer technique, followed by a masking/stamping technique and onto a shadow technique. I love how it turned out. Thanx Michelle for the brayering idea. I hope you enjoy viewing this card as much as I do. Until we meet again...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Excused Absence

Plz forgive the delay between computer decided to take a L-O-N-G nap and we had to purchase a new one. Therefore...we are just getting up and going and you should see a new posting in the near future.! It seems they make computers as 'throw aways' every two years. In the meantime, I have been developing some new cards and Christmas is right around the corner. YAY!!